Carmen Lozano Bright

Platoniq. Spain / Colombia

A journalist, cultural researcher and agitator, Carmen Lozano Bright joined the team at Platoniq (and its crowdfunding platform Goteo.org), where she currently coordinates the production of Idea Camp 2017 Moving Communities in Madrid. She’s also been an advisor at the co-laboratory that incentivises the growth of the commons through co-creation and crowdfunding (Goteo.org). A former Idea Maker from 2014, she developed research funded by ECF on peer-to-peer initiatives that are transforming public space through Southern Europe: ‘P2P Plazas: a Southern European Network’.
Born in Colombia of Spanish and British heritage, since 2012 she has lived in Madrid where she experiences and researches the rising transformation of citizen laboratories and P2P practices.

My Sessions

Idea Makers will meet inspiring local organisations and collectives, as well as a group of local and international City officials, to exchange experiences and share the visions and challenges that inform their work.

Community building